Danish nutrition therapist Louise Bruun has become known for her anti inflammatory food. She is the author of ten books about what she calls “intelligent food”, fasting, yoga and anti inflammatory lifestyle and has participated in several TV-shows.

Twice a year, she arranges an exclusive retreat in her private cottage in Sweden.

In Louise Bruuns kitchen alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy products and caffeine is prohibited. Instead the participants were served meals such as nettle soup, salats consisting of cale, nuts, berries and herbs, and bread made out of eggs, seeds and nuts. Herbal tea and small snacks made out of dades was served to prevent the worst sugar cravings.

There is no scientific studies behind her teaching and nutrition guidelines, but Louise Bruun claims that the difference that she feels on her own body and that her students report that they feel on their bodies is proof enough. Several of the other participants experienced symptoms such as heavy headache due to sugar and caffeine abstinence.

“Most of the women who come here know me from TV or my books, and want a weekend where they can imitate my way of living,”

  • Louise Bruun. 
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