Fredens Havn is a small boat colony is scheduled to be cleared by the authorities in the fall, and the estimated costs is approximately 22 million DKK.

Esben founded Fredens Havn. In June 2019, he paused his fight to save Fredens Havn for two weeks, as it was the mute swan nesting season. Because of waves from turists boats passing by and the threat from cats and foxes on the ground, the swans have difficulties nesting in the area. So Esben build them a nest on the water, right in front of his boat, to keep it safe. The swans apparently liked it, and decided to use it. As a result, two ducklings had hatched that very week. 

While the Danish authorities are planning on how to spend the 22 million kroner on removing Esben and his 20 floating neighbours, Esben spend two weeks creating two new samples of the national bird of Denmark, the mute swan.

The masterclass was a part of the Creative Europe-programme:@reconstructionofidentities.

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